1pc,2.5"x1.6"x0.3"Turkmen Pendant Red Coral Inlay Statement bohemian,TN756

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1pc,2.5"x1.6"x0.3"Turkmen Pendant Red Coral Inlay Statement bohemian,TN756

Weight: About 16-18 Grams or so (Each pendant's weight varies slightly)

Length: About 2.5" or so from the hook

Width: About 1.6" or so 

Thickness: About 7 mm or so 

Hole Size: About 3-5 mm or so 

*** Buyer will receive a similar item from the parcel. Look at the images carefully before purchasing. 

Afghan craftsmen (Afghan Refugees living in Peshawar, Pakistan) make all these necklaces and other pieces of authentic beautiful jewelry one by one and by hand. All of the crafters are self-employed and make these items by taking orders. The metals used in these kinds of jewelry are called different names, some call it German silver, some called it Gypsy and some call it Alpaca Silver. However, the metal is similar to Tibetan Jewelry. The metal doesn't change color either and can be cleaned just like silver. These Jewelry have been in the market for centuries.  

*** Actual item may differ slightly than the image due to image quality, lightening, Contrasts, resolutions, and other factors. However, in most cases, actual items look better than the images.