About Us

Welcome to WatanGems.com.

www.watangems.com is located in Southern California, Riverside County just about 90 minutes drive from Lost Angeles. We are located between Los Angeles and San Diego. We are a small family owned and operated business. 

In 2014 WatanGems.com started with a unique concept introducing authentic gems and gemstones from several countries. We offer unique Specimens, Minerals, Crystals, Gemstones Beads, Gemstones Cabochons, Polished and Rough Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, Fossils Ammonites from Morocco, Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Boxes, Fossils Jewelry Boxes, Fossils Dishes, Afghan Turkmen Tribal Jewelry, Afghan Kuchi Jewelry, Nepalese Handmade Jewelry, Gemstones Jewelry from Brazil, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Pure Natural Himalayan Pink Salts Crystal (Table and Cooking Salts) and many more at lowest prices possible.