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4pcs,6.25"x4.75"x5mm Oval Fossils Orthoceras Ammonite Bowls Dishes,Black, MF1367

4pcs,6.25"x4.75"x5mm Oval Fossils Orthoceras Ammonite Bowls Dishes,Black, MF1367

$ 48.00 


4pcs,6.25"x4.75"x5mm Oval Fossils Orthoceras Ammonite Bowls Dishes,Black, MF1367

Weight: About 310 Grams - 352 Grams or so ( Weight of each Plate)

Length: About 4.75" 

Width: About 6.25" or so 

Thickness: About 4mm - 6mm or so ( each varies slightly) 

Sold: 4 Bowl as shown in the images

*** Attention: The measurements of each dishes may differ slightly because these are handmade. Weight and size of each dishes may differ slightly. 

Buyer will receive the exact items as pictured. Look at images carefully before purchasing. 

Look at images carefully. Crack looking lines, fractures looking lines are common and normal in natural stones. Those lines don't mean are broken lines. They are natural

This list is for 4 dishes if you need more than 4, please contact me and if I have more, I'll arrange combined shipping! I have listed 4 pieces to minimize shipping costs. I have listed multiple listing because I want my customers to know what exactly they will be receiving. I work hard to make my customers happy! I have taken lot images and individual images front and back. Individually on human hands, with the ruler, and without the ruler. So, I believe enough detailed information provided. Happy Buying!

***** Actual item may differ slightly than the image due to image quality, lightening, Contrasts, resolutions and other factors. However, in most cases, actual items look better than the images. Measurements such as weight and size may not be exactly same for all. There might be slight differences in measurements.


Orthoceras ("straight horn") is a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopod. This genus is sometimes called Orthoceratites. Note it is sometimes misspelled as Orthocera, Orthocerus or Orthoceros (Sweet 1964:K222).

Orthoceras fossils are common and have a global distribution, occurring in any marine rock, especially in limestone.

These are slender, elongate shells with the middle of the body chamber transversely constricted, and a subcentral orthochoanitic siphuncle. The surface is ornamented by a network of fine lirae (Sweet 1964:K224). Many other very similar species are included under the genus Michelinoceras.

Ammonites[1] were marine cephalopod molluscs of the subclass Ammonoidea.

Their widely-known fossils show a ribbed spiral-form shell, in the end compartment of which lived the tentacled animal. These creatures lived in the seas from at least 400 to 65 million years ago. They became extinct at the K/T extinction event. Their nearest living relatives are the octopussquidcuttlefish and Nautilus.

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very nice quality - the pictures were acurate.

29.7g, 1.6" Turkmen Cuff Bracelet Tribal Small Marquise, Serpentine Inlay, B1335
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