65.2g, 2"-2.1", 2pcs,Faden Quartz Crystal Mineral,Specimen Terminations,FC184

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65.2g, 2"-2.1", 2pcs,Faden Quartz Crystal Mineral,Specimen Terminations,FC184

Weight: About 65.2 Grams 

Length: About 2" - 2.1"

Width: About 0.8" - 1"

Thickness: About 11mm - 21mm

 Buyer will receive the exact item as pictured! Look at images carefully before purchasing!

Look at images carefully. Crack looking lines, fractures looking lines are common and normal in natural crystals. Those lines don't mean are broken lines. They are natural. 

Origin: Balochistan, Pakistan

What is "Faden" quartz?

Faden quartz is a descriptive term for a usually tabular group of quartz crystals with a white thread-like or string-like zone running through the interior. The term Faden is a German word for "thread". They are found in the Alpine region of Europe, Pakistan, Russia, and Arkansas.

They are found in areas of low-grade metamorphism in which cavities in the rock are growing. When these zones grow, the quartz crystals in them are broken (repeatedly), and the healing and regrowth incorporate fluid and gaseous inclusions ( the white threads). The edges of the crystals grow faster and incorporate the liquid inclusions in the center of the crystals

It is bright and sparkly with fascinating natural cleavages - the healing of these natural fractures brings Faden Quartz its fame in healing trauma, broken trust, emotional upsets and miss-alignments of all types. Anywhere instability has manifested is the place for Faden Quartz to do its work. And it does so in an aura of beauty, light, and strength. 

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