1pc, 2.4"-2.8" Natural Polished Selenite Gemstones Eggs Crystal @Morroco, SEM01A

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1pc, 2.4"-2.8" Natural Polished Selenite Gemstones Eggs Crystal @Morroco, SEM01

Total Weight Estimate : About 140 Grams or so (weight may vary slightly) 

Length (Vary): About 2.4"-2.8" or so 

Thickness: About 1.7" - 1.9" or so 

Origin: Morocco 

Sold: 1 Egg 

Buyer will receive similar item, which will be picked up randomly from the lot! Stand not included

Each Selenite differs slightly in terms of color and size. The picture is just a representation of the quality you will be receiving

*** Actual item may differ slightly than the images due to image quality, lightening, resolutions, contrasts and other factors. However, in most cases actual items may look better than the images!

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