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Chakra's and Stones

Crown Chakra
Clear quartz point (Brazil): Clear quartz is the Stone of Power because it acts as an amplifier for any intention; raises consciousness towards enlightenment and purifies on all levels.
Tumbled clear quartz: amplifies and brings in spiritual energy.
Tumbled Amethyst: clears aura; opens and activates the Crown Chakra allowing a higher state of consciousness.
Third-Eye Chakra
Tumbled Chevron Amethyst: enhances visions of all kinds on all planes of existence from physical to psychic.
Tumbled Howlite: attunement stone- prepares mind to receive wisdom and insight; links to spiritual dimensions. 
Amethyst chunk or wand- Dark purple: opens intuition; enhances psychic gifts and brings one to a higher state of consciousness.
Tumbled Blue Tigers Eye on 3rd Eye, heightens psychic abilities in earthly people; illuminates issues that are difficult to see.
Tumbled Fluorite: links the mind to universal conscious; heightens intuition and awareness of spirituality; cleanses ones aura.
Throat Chakra
Tumbled Sodalite: Stone of truth; good for group communication and verbalization of feelings.
Tumbled Blue Laces Agate: Peaceful loving expression; good for public speaking, free expression of thoughts and feeing; smooth discussions. 
Tumbled Lapis Lazuli: Philosopher's stone. activates throat to speak whats on your mind.
Tumbled Amazonite: opens throat to enhance loving communication.
Turquoise: promotes honest and clear communication from the heart; releases us from old vows, frees the soul to express, useful when enrolling others to help us. 
Heart Chakra
Tumbled  Rose Quartz: unconditional love for self and others. 
Tumbled Green Aventurine: heart balancing; helps you stay in your heart; opens and stabilizes heart 
Emerald: enhances unity, sensitivity and loyalty; brings harmony to all areas; domestic bliss; relates to spiritual aspects of love; encourages balanced partnerships and harmony to the heart chakra; intense physical healer. 
Morganite: helps is to see the true nature of love and reveals Divine Love.
Solare Plexus Chakra
Natural Citrine Chunk: manifests abundance; transmutes negative energy.
Tumbled Moonstone: releases negative emotions; draws out negative emotional patterns.
Tumbled Golden Brown Tigers Eye: personal powers; fosters well with thought out and informed actions.
Tumbled Jasper: stabilizes energy; provides comfort during grief; channels positive energy; protection.
Sacral chakra
Tumbled Carnelian: increases creativity; protects against resentment and envy; increases concentration, percision and analytical capabilities; gives courage. 
Tumbled Jasper: supports sexual organs; protective; evokes passion 
Tumbled Citrine: energizes; highly protective; transmutes negative energy; heightens self discipline attracts professional success and wealth. 
Tumbled Snowflake Obsidian: calms & soothes; balances mind/body/spirit; heals karmic patterns.
Citrine Chunck or wand: energizes; highly protective; transmutes negative energy heightens self discipline, attracts professional success and wealth. 
Root Chakra
Hematite: emotional protection, grounding, keeping boundaries. Promotes centering of the physical & cleansing of ones Aura and Chakras. 
Tumbled Black Tourmaline: absorbs negative energy; protects against negativity of all kinds; grounds. shields against anger, envy and greed directed towards you. Empowers! 
Tumbled Red Tigers Eye: patience; physical security; grounding; increases low sex drive.
Tumbled Petrified Wood: connection to  earth and nature.
Tumbled Bloodstone: powerful physical healer; power; strength; courage.

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