12.7g,2mm-27mm, Small Green Serpentine Arrowhead Beaded Necklace,19",NPH245

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12.7g,2mm-27mm, Small Green Serpentine Arrowhead Beaded Necklace,19",NPH245

Weight: About 12.7 Grams or so

Length Strand: About 18" -20"  or so

Beads Sizes (smaller Nephrite): Vary, beads are about 2mm-10mm or so

Arrowhead Beads Length: About 24mm - 27mm or so

Arrowhead Beads Width: About 11mm - 12mm or so 

Arrowhead Thickness: About 5mm-6mm or so 

Stone Origin: Afghanistan 

Hole Size: 0.5-1mm or so. 

The buyer will receive the exact item as pictured! Look at all the images carefully before purchasing! These are handicrafts and there might a bit flaws. Pay attention to beads and tips of arrowheads. Some tips might be damaged slightly. I have taken close up images to show every necklace one by one. Make sure to check all the images before purchasing. The item is sold as is. The metal spacer between beads may have a bit rust on them, which may need to be cleaned. 

Afghan craft men make all these necklaces and other pieces of authentic beautiful jewelry one by one and by hands. All of the crafters are self-employed and make these items by taking orders. 

*** Actual item may differ slightly than the image due to image quality, lightening, Contrasts, resolutions and other factors. However, in most cases, actual items look better than the images. 

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