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23g, 3"x1.2" Turkmen Earring Tribal Jewelry Red Coral Inlay Marquise Boho, B1423

23g, 3"x1.2" Turkmen Earring Tribal Jewelry Red Coral Inlay Marquise Boho, B1423

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19.5g, 2.7"x1.1" Turkmen Earring Tribal Jewelry Red Coral Inlay Oval Boho, B14238

Weight: About 19.5 Grams 

Length: About 2.7" 

Width: About 1.1"

Thickness: About 0.4"

Measured in inches

1" inch = 2.54 cm  

1" inche = 25.4 mm 

1 cm = 10 mm 

Made in: Afghanistan

The buyer will receive the exact item as pictured. Look at images carefully before purchasing! 

Although we hand select our jewelries, but still tribal Jewelries may have some wears & tears, missing beads or glasses, dangles, bells and jingles..etc so, please look at at the images carefully before purchasing. We took several images and very close up photos are taken to show you the quality you will be receiving. The metals used in these kind of jewelries are called different names, some call it German Silver, some called it Gypsy and some call it Alpaca Silver or they could be just brass. We cannot confirm. They are reproduced vintage style, some they are made to look dirty, old, defects and imperfections are very common in this types of products. 

Actual item may differ slightly than the image due to image quality, lighting, Contrasts, resolutions and other factors. However, in most cases, actual items look better than the images. Measurements my differ slightly because each earrings may differ slightly in terms of size, weight and even look though buyer will receive one from same parcel. 

We do offer combined shipping for both domestic and international shipping!

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